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Hello. I'm Paul Bellow, a LitRPG author and creator of this site. I also run LitRPG Adventures, a set of advanced RPG generators and a growing library of RPG content generated by GPT-3 API from OpenAI. Learn more.

Random Fantasy Names

Our Fantasy Name Generator can come up with a plethora of names for elves, dwarves, centaurs, humans, and more. I also have some tips and advice for choosing the perfect fantasy name for your character. Whether you need a name for a tabletop RPG, a novel, a story, or any other reason, I'm here to help you find what you need right away without a lot of hassles. See my Fantasy Name Generators...

Random Modern Names

In addition to fantasy names, our generator also does modern names. If you need a random name for a modern character in your game, book, or story, I'm here to help make it easier to find what you need without dealing with a lot of pesky ads or other problems. Our modern name generator will help you create the best name for your character. I also have tips and advice for choosing the best name for your character. As an author myself, I've been dealing with names a long time. See my Random Modern Name Generator

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